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Things to Consider Before Buying a Monitor

We all know that modern age is the age of computer. We have not witnessed so much development in any other field of life. This is because the computers have revolutionized all the other fields of life. The increasing role of computers in everyday life has cut many business costs. The computers have also decreased the turnaround time in any production. The last decade of the 20th century and the first two decades of 21st century are remarkable for development in the field of computers. With the passage of time the power of computers is increasing with size decreasing. A computer consists of four main parts. These are a CPU (Central Processing Unit), a monitor, a keyboard, and a mouse.

Monitor is an important output device of the computer. It is the part which displays everything either in the form of images, figures, or videos. We cannot achieve full benefits from a computer without a display device. A good monitor is also very important because it increases the interest and productivity of the user. There are many kinds of monitors available in the market. You have to decide which is better for you. There are some very important factors to keep in mind before buying a monitor. These are:

1. Size
2. Resolution
3. Response Time, and
4. Brightness.

The first and the most important thing to consider, while buying a monitor, is the size of the display. This largely depends on the use of the computer. For example, if you are going to use computer as a multimedia device, the size of the display should be larger. The time of use also affects a lot on the decision of the size. Always go for buying a smaller display if you are going to use computer for long time during a day. Most people prefer to buy a 19-inch display nowadays because it fulfills the needs of all people. For example, here you can find out best 32 inch monitors.


Resolution is the image or display quality of the monitors. In earlier days, almost all the monitors had same resolution. But with the passage of time, this has developed a lot and now we always buy any TV, monitor, or smartphone by checking its resolution. Resolution is also important because it directly affects your eyes. Most people buy a monitor with HD resolution of 1080p because it suits all your needs.

3-Response Time

Response time is also another very important factor that people note before buying a monitor. Usually, the monitors with greater response time are preferred in offices. These have response time of about 5-10 milliseconds. Whereas, if you are a game mimic and play games frequently, a monitor with less response time is good. Nowadays, there are also such monitors that have a response time as low as 1-2 milliseconds.


This is the most important factor but mostly overlooked. A monitor with true brightness will show more vivid and crispier display. On the other hand, a monitor with less brightness will show vague display. A monitor with display ratio of 3-500:1 is ideal for all monitors.