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Ceramic vs Tourmaline vs Titanium: Which is the best hair straightener

The hair straightening device is also called the flat iron. These are two flat plates of iron that are heated in such a way that they will straighten every follicle of your hair. We all know that hair straightener will damage your hair. This is the reason that most of the people have sworn that they will never use the device on their hair.
They do not understand that hair straighteners are developed using different types of materials. Every material has its benefits and drawbacks. Here we have a complete guide that will help you select the best one.


It is the most popular type of straightener available in the market.
The ceramic hair straighteners are available at an affordable cost
They can be used to straighten the hair at a low temperature, and the device will create a smooth texture
Recently, the ceramic straightener has been developed with the ionic technology
It will produce negative ions in your hair that will help to neutralize the positive ions of the plates, and your hair will not get damaged.
It is a very effective, durable and long-lasting option for the girls that have a tight budget. Find out more info and best ceramic hair straighteners here.


Tourmaline is the recently introduced material of hair straightener in the market. It has grabbed the attention of many hair stylists because of the quick results and less damage. It is developed by crushing the prismatic crystals into a fine powder and applying them to the plates of the straightener.
You will only have to pass the straightener once over every strand, and they will have a perfect look. In this way, the heat damage with being reduced. Tourmaline is also famous because it has the ability to neutralize the ions of the damaged hair so they will be protected from further harm. It is a perfect option for the girls that have tightly curled hair.


The titanium hair straightener is developed by using the titanium plates, and there are several control features. You can set the device easily according to your requirements. The biggest attraction in this straightener is that it will straighten your hair from the core. However, you have to assure that your hair has the ability to withstand the ultraheat and resist the damage that comes with it. It is often used for permanent hair straightening. You will have to use special protection on your hair to reduce the damage that comes with titanium straightener.

Bottom line

Remember that everyone has a different texture and volume of hair. It is important that you select the straightener according to the requirement of your hair. You can try all the three materials on your hair and compare their results. In this way, you will get the perfect idea that which one of them is the best for you. Do not forget to consider your budget while buying the product. It is important that you invest in a high-quality straightener that will serve you for a long time.